Make 100$ per week doing affiliate on pinterest
January 1, 2020
How to Add on Group Board in Pinterest
January 1, 2020
How to Pin on Pinterest for Money

If you think that Pinterest is a photo-sharing platform, think again, because it is a global bulletin board. This platform has over 250 million active users every month and the number are increasing rapidly. Notably, 80% of Pinterest users are female who are responsible for the recorded 2.5 billion-page views every month.

There are so many ways to make some handsome income on Pinterest. Moreover, this social network continues to grow, so the opportunities to make money on Pinterest are keep increasing.

here are some effective ways to pin on Pinterest for money

  • Pinning affiliate links

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is the current favorite for many people. It is an easy way to earn while using Pinterest. Affiliate marketers are paid for sending customers to a store or website.

These programs cover almost everything you imagine, from courses, e-books to pet products and home goods.

  • Start a Virtual Assistant Career

In comparison to other social media platforms, not everyone enjoys being on Pinterest. Moreover, some blogger, brands, and companies don’t understand Pinterest, and they don’t have the patience to learn. These kinds of people outsource services of Pinterest on a full-time or part-time basis.

The services could be anything from seeking out designing pins, pinning product images, group-boards, or managing a Pinterest account.

There is a lot of work in this field. Therefore, it is a great way to make money on Pinterest by developing a virtual assistant career. As you use it more, you’ll become better at designing pins, and you build a more robust understanding of the platform, what works, and what does not work.

  • Get Traffic to Your Website or Online Store

Traffic can be very targeted and lucrative. It is the most profitable way to pin on Pinterest for money. It requires you to have a website/blog or a kind of product store. This technique involves using its traffic to skyrocket your sales on income.

You can drive incredible number of visitors to your store or website with the help of right pinning strategy and engaging pins. You have to keep in mind that each page view equals money.

Besides selling goods, you can also earn a decent income from displaying advertisements on your blog. This same applies to people who sell products on Etsy, Shopify, Merch by Amazon, or any other marketplace.

  • Become an Influencer

If you already have an established account and a good number of followers with a high engagement rate, and brands are already paying you for collaboration and sponsored content. This involves creating unique pins for brands, re-pinning their content, or inviting them to group boards.

For beginners, if this is your pinning objective, start growing your followers and engagement rate. This can be achieved by pinning or re-pinning great content frequently and following your competitor’s followers.

The space of Pinterest influence is still a growing area, and there is much-earning potential for those who pursue it.


These pinning strategies for money require patience. It is not a quick plan to get rich. You need to follow your passion, grown an audience around it, and sell something to them. You’ll find yourself earning a substantial income from doing what you love.

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