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December 1, 2019
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In today’s world, computers are used to complete the majority. Not only we are using computers but a wide variety of software as well to complete our jobs. navigation on a website is a prime example of this scenario. It is achieved by a collection of links that form the website navigation menu. This navigation menu is the collection of links you see placed vertically on the left or horizontally near the top of the web page. With the help of navigation, you can create google maps directions from current location as well. There are multiple reasons why website navigation is important e.g. increased visit duration and decreased bounce rate, product purchases, short and to the point, overall design, serial position effect etc. good navigation is a useful strategy to increase page visits. With the help of these scripts you can create one of the best business websites.

 MelonHTML5 – Metro UI

It is a flexible and simple to integrate framework which is used to build your one-page website in windows 8 metro UI. It has eye-catching dashboard and mobile view. Metro UI is fully responsive and customizable navigation system which can be configured to suit your own needs. You can easily customize colors, icons, external link etc according to your own desires. It provides you back & forward buttons facility to navigate between two pages just like the other websites. It has amazing features that are necessary to fulfill your needs.


Easy Menu Manager

It is a perfect menu management system. you can manage multiple menu e.g. top menu, sidebar menu, footer menu, member menu etc. you can also add, edit or delete menu items with the help of ajax. It provides you drag and drop facility to change the order of items. You can also generate nested lists menu structure. This script can be used as a base to build your custom CMS.



CreativePager can be used to build various type of navigation system that you see on internet. It has several options that are very simple to use and configure. The configuration process is very easy that you can configure a pager in a few seconds. It helps you to easily incorporate with your sites and back offices. It provides you 3 navigation modes – centered, intelligent, paginated. It extremely flexible and easy to configure.


Advanced Menu Manager System

It is a complete system to manage your application menus. The main feature of this product is that it uses the nested set model for hierarchical data management into MySQL. You can easily order items by using drag and drop menu. It provides you unlimited number of different menus and unlimited number of menu items and levels. It also gives you the ability to preview menu before saving to data base. It has a complete and extensive HTML manual and much more.


PHP TreeMenu – Multi-level Tree Menu Control

It is a PHP script which is used to generate multi-level tree menu control. it is especially designed for web developers. It is one of the most popular navigation controls. It enables you to set up and use in a few seconds. It comes with collapsible vertical tree listing which resembles the view of window explorer folder. It helps the visitors of your website to easily find things and look more professional. You can effortlessly organize large amount of data into hierarchical order with as many sub-levels and nodes as you need. You can use the expandable elements as links or you can just expand them. Sub-menus can be opened and closed with just a click of mouse.


Node – Dynamic Menu Made Easy

Node is an amazing menu system that is based on PHP. It comes with a fully responsive control panel that can be used to add, edit or delete menu items as well as ordering the position of menu items. It provides you a tree control panel that can be used to easily change the content of item in your menu. You can use it to build any kind of navigation online menu and keep it perfect. You can control the content of the menu by an admin page.


Skinny PHP Pagination

It provides you the easiest way to have a good pagination in your PHP applications. It also supports beautiful skinning, coloring, easy templating with the help of an interactive and fully responsive interface. It comes with pre-packed 96 different looks as it makes navigation clothing very beautiful. It is super easy to implement.


Mr. Menu

It is an object-oriented menu widget. It provides you easy customization for everything. It gives you the ability to highlight the current page automatically. It allows you to change every option easily according to your own desire. With the help of Mr. Menu, you can also render a list of all items in the menu so that you can place on the foot of website. you can also wrap links around a tag in a simple way.


PHP Tabs – Multilevel Tab Menu Control Script

It is a simple PHP script which is used to generate multi-level menu control that consists of beautiful looking tabs. It is useful for those web developers who take seriously their time and don’t want to waste it on some boring work. you can add or remove tabs in a few seconds. You can also use this script to organize the navigation system of your website whether it is a ship navigation. It is very simple to install, implement, use or modify.


Menu Maker – Codeigniter Plugin

It is a flexible plugin for Codeigniter which is used to change your web application navigation bars/menus to desktop. It has 3 menu styles – black, OS, Windows. You can easily integrate it. Its responsive design let you work without any complexity. It also provides the cross browser compatibility.


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