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Social script

In modern world of technology, people are increasing in number who use the social applications for their businesses. whether you need a social script for asking for help or you want to create advertisements on Facebook, you need the social scripts that suit your needs. Nowadays, social script theory is not a new concept. It is an important question that what characteristic do social roles, social norms, and scripts have in common, but once you see the these amazing scripts, you’ll get all of your answers.

Facebook Auto Post & Scheduler – PostPoint Facebook

It is an online marketing tool that gives you the facility to auto post to Facebook, schedule and manage your Facebook accounts simultaneously. It helps you to save your time by managing multiple Facebook accounts. Moder, easy to use and mobile responsive UI make the process easier. It is very easy to install. It also has PayPal and Stripe integration. It has many amazing features.


Facebook Connect & API Integration

This script enables you to login a user into your website using his Facebook account. It also gives the ability to request and display the Facebook information into your application or website. if you are planning to implement a Facebook connect feature into your apps, then this script is best for you.


Midrub Facebook Ads Manager – Script for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Ads Automatizations

It is an application for Midrub. It is not a standalone script only. It allows lyou to manage in the best possible way the ads on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. It helps you to create unlimited ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in a simple way. it has a simple to use interface that lets anyone to create ad campaigns. You can also use this application for SAAS services. You can also help people to manage their ads like professionals.


Facebook Page Fan Detection

Facebook Page Fan Detection is one of the personal scripts examples. It helps you to detect that whether a particular visitor is a fan of your page or not. Then it displays the content to the fan or non-fan accordingly. You can also embed it to Iframe Tab of your Facebook page. It helps you to extract the information like fan status, language, page admin, page id, country etc.


Facebook Likebox / Twitter Slider

it is an easy to install sliding plugin that you can configure in a simple way. it is very flexible and has a beautiful design. it provides you a live preview. You can configure it in three clicks. It supports Linkedin, Facebook stream & faces, twitter, google+, YouTube etc.


Facebook Triple Viral Pro

It is one of the most powerful application that you may find over the internet. it comes with social features of Facebook like invite and share. With the help of Facebook Tetra viral pro, you can share on Facebook wall, invite friends, like page and much more. it has a very secure admin panel. you can also download leads as CSV. You can set up it in your own language. It has many features.


Facebook Plugins and Dialogs class

This is the perfect class which can be used to integrate Facebook plugins in a clean and centralized way. its main benefit is to avoid having your plugins declarations everywhere in your project rather you can have them all in one place. It has efficient and flexible functions. You can easily integrate into your existing projects.


Facebook Multi-Page / Group Poster

It is one of the most feature rich Facebook publishing tool. You can quickly post your content to all or a number of selected groups of pages. It supports seven different post types – links, status, photos, multi-image, album photos, videos and slide shows. It has completely white labeled post generation feature. You can use your own Facebook application to post to Facebook. You can also schedule posts ahead of time, even months ahead. It has many more functions.


Facebook and Twitter Social Publisher

It is a perfect app that enables you to send updates on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The main advantage of this application is to save time by posting once and have your message posted on several Twitter accounts simultaneously as well as on all your Facebook pages. You don’t have to do something several times rather you can to it only once. This application also has a built-in history feature that enables you to see what has been posted previously. If something gets wrong, this app gives you the ability to correct it at once.


Facebook Live Reactions Vote

Online voting is one of the excellent ways to diversify your fan page and engage fans.  This app is available to all customers tool Facebook Post Live Reactions. With the help of this app, you can create your own post from the vote which is helpful to count click on various emotes reactions in real time.


Facebook Pages Viewer

This product enables you to display any type of Facebook page inside your own website. it has a perfect Facebook connect functionality that allows users to connect with their Facebook pages. It also has a mechanism to showcase any selected Facebook page without the need of any user to connect to be able to get the view of it.


Facebook Events Calendar

Nowadays, people are increasing in number who use Facebook as the platform of their business. the main information they want to display is Facebook Event. Facebook Events Calendar is on of the most popular social scripts in the workplace that help you to display all Facebook events on calendar. It is very easy to install and flexible that can be integrated into your website.


Facebook Events Manager Application

There are a lot of social scripts for conversational interactions, but Facebook Events Manager application is the best. You can easily create Facebook events and invite friends to join event or also you can invite your friends in a friend list like work or family etc. you can also share event simply in all of your groups or in a specific group. It also gives the ability to send links to your friends or invite their friends too.


Facebook Smart Tagging

it is the most interactive Facebook application that enables its users to tag a picture instantly with random selection of friends. It is an amazing tool for viral marketing as all the tagged friends gets notification as well as information about the tagged photo. Smart Tag can easily propagate all the information about your product without manually picking up your friends one by one. It provides you the ability to randomly pick selected number of your friends from your friend’s list and tag the specified photo.


Facebook Auto Reply V.1.2

It is one of the best scripts in communication out there. You don’t need a Facebook application. You can auto reply by keyword or by post ID as well as auto comment. You can also send private messages. It is easy to install and simple to use. It gives you the ability to hide, delete or like comments.


Friends Questioner – Facebook Application

It is a fun Facebook application that lets users to answer about their friends and then post on their wall. To see the answers results, users need to unlock by coin. It is not difficult to earn coin as you can earn it via answer questions about friend. You can get one coin for each answer.


Facebook Amazon Store Application

This application is designed for Amazon sellers to list down their products on Facebook fan page. With the help of this application, you can create a new tab “Amazon Store” on the fan page. It is an amazing tool for the users who have Amazon Stores and want to make influence on Facebook to take their business to an unprecedented level. You can easily load you amazon listings to your Facebook store. Your Facebook visitors can see or buy your products by clicking on the same button from your Facebook fan page.


EZ Inboxer – Master Marketing Software for Facebook

It is a revolutionary and the most powerful marketing software for Facebook. The best part of EZ inboxer is to send promotional messages to pages. On the other hand, all other services allow to send only non-promotional messages & new leads. You don’t need Facebook App when you are using EZ Inboxer for personal use.


Crea8social Facebook Invite

Nowadays, people need social applications so that their users can also invite their Facebook friends to social networks. It is the best application for such type of purpose. With the help of this application, your users can invite their Facebook friends to join your social network. You can setup it in less then 5 minutes to invite via Facebook.


ShadowMsg – Top Facebook Marketing Application

It is complete solution for Facebook messaging. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the perfect alternative of Email. ShadowMsg comes with Auto comment, Auto reply, Auto like & bulk message sending with comment hide delete. it also has a page posting feature with auto share (image, link, video, text). It is easy to use and operate application which is web-based. You can easily manage all Facebook postings.


Secure PHP Login with Facebook Connect

This application gives you the ability to get a secure are accessible only by logged in users. Newly arrived users are able to create a new account or connect using their Facebook account or they can perform this task by entering their own information – password, username, email etc. admin has the full authority over the users. He can manage registered users, disable or activate users.


Facebook Image Uploader

This is the best application to upload images on Facebook. It provides you the facility to easily upload images from your own website to your Facebook. You can add image captions and album descriptions. You can also create albums.


ShadowPost – Facebook Posting Solution

It is a complete Facebook Poster solution for group or page which allows you to auto post on Facebook. You can easily schedule and manage. It comes with auto reply, auto comment, auto like & auto share with comment hide delete. it is very easy to use web-based application. You can easily manage all those Facebook posting form on place. Managing all the posting media for business purpose is a hectic task but Shadowpost helps you to reduce time consuming.


Facebook Reviews Responsive Application

This application is designed for brands who want to get more reviews on branded products and want ot get users engagement. You can give more than one product to get reviews and rating from your fans in exchange for their basic contact information or email. It is a user-friendly application which helps you to rate and review the post of products. The main feature of this application is the customizable interface to give your brand an identity. It is also perfect for those who have multiple products as it has bothe the star ratings and review option.


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